Mentoring program

Dr. Günter von Au
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Süd-Chemie AG

Executives of many of our sponsoring firms and of other well-known Bavarian corporations are convinced that transferring their knowledge and experiences to our students is a challenging and interesting idea. They hope to foster students’ personal development and prepare them for their entry into a career.

Currently, the Bavarian EliteAcademy cooperates with approximately 80 high-ranking mentors. Our mentors come from the highest management levels of firms such as Allianz, BMW, E.ON, Siemens, and Süd-Chemie, but also from medium-sized companies, and aspiring start-ups.

The mentors come from various industry sectors and represent an impressive variety of leadership and personal experience. All mentors show extraordinary commitment and are at the same time models in terms of our definition of the term “elite”. They are personalities who not only want to serve as models and have set high standards but who feel responsible for society and are willing to assume responsibility. 


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